Projects & Publications

Evaluation of Implementation of Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) in all 33 Districts of Assam

Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) is a well-known programme started by the Government of India in 2014. The objective of this programme is to achieve universal sanitation and make India open defecation free by 2019. PwC has undertaken the project of assisting the Government of Assam in the third-party evaluation of the implementation of Swachh Bharat ....Read more

Study towards Building Sector Specific Value Chains between India and Pakistan

This project complements the overall aim of strengthening regional cooperation and trade development in South Asia, a principal area of focus for BRIEF. The study proposes to fill the lacunae in the existing literature and take the case forward by assessing and analysing the complementarity of specific value chains of select commodities/sectors/clusters and the mechanism ....Read more

Cross-LoC trade: Enhancing Opportunities and Expanding Constituencies

Following successful completion of the study on Cross-LoC Trade: Creating Positive Constituencies with Conciliation Resources and presentation of report, Trading Confidence: A Compelling Case for Cross Line of Control Trade, BRIEF has started phase two of the study with the aim of taking forward the recommendations from the previous study. The objective of the current ....Read more

Study on Timeline of Export and Import of Containers through the JNP, Chennai port and APSEZ Mundra

In the context of facilitating pertinent reform measures to foster ease of doing business, BRIEF has undertaken a study of the various procedures and agencies involved in the supply chain for export and import through the Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNP), Chennai port and APSEZ Mundra. The study, commissioned by The Federation of Indian Export Organizations ....Read more

Conducting Evaluation Study of Capital Investment in GFSS Scheme and Infrastructure Plan-I implemented by Energy Department, Govt. of Maharashtra

The Dept. of Statistics & Economics, Planning Dept. of Govt. of Maharashtra initiated this evaluation study with multi-pronged objectives including evaluation of physical and financial achievement of the schemes, identifying problems during its implementation, the scheme’s effectiveness and adequacy as well as evaluation of the impact of the scheme on village and semi-urban consumers. CRIS ....Read more

Democracy Survey

Observer Research Foundation (ORF), a New Delhi based research think tank, has commissioned a multinational study titled ‘Democracy Survey’. The objective of the study is to seek opinion of the public in general on democracy and is aimed at understanding the citizens’ perceptions on identified areas around the prevailing political environment in selected countries. BRIEF ....Read more

Pursuing Reforms at Indian Ports to Improve the Trading Environment for International Business

The project “Pursuing Reforms at Indian Ports to Improve the Trading Environment for International Business” aims at pursuing, promoting and facilitating identified procedural reforms, supporting their implementation and positively impacting policy-making in four broad areas: Information Exchange Platforms Container Freight Stations (CFS) PPP Projects at Ports Trade Facilitation Committee Meetings (PTFC & CCFC) This current ....Read more

Cross LoC Trade: Creating Positive Constituencies

Conciliation Resources and Bureau of Research on Industry & Economic Fundamentals (BRIEF) have jointly launched a program on Cross LoC trade through Jammu and Kashmir, primarily aimed at supporting and fostering LoC trade and addressing the associated development issues. Over the last seven years Cross LoC trade has been the most impactful Confidence Building Measure ....Read more

Penetration of IT in Medium and Small Enterprises in India

The study was carried out with an objective to identify and understand the challenges encountered by the industries (Manufacturing, IT, Retail, etc.) on account of non-availability of IT infrastructure. The study was also aimed at understanding the possible benefits such industries would derive from adoption of IT in routine business activities. The study provides an ....Read more

Feasibility Study on Joint Venture Project between Toyo Agricultural Machinery and Indian Strategic Partner for Potato Harvester

Bureau of Research on Industry & Economic Fundamentals (BRIEF) in collaboration with Toyo Agricultural Machinery carried out the above mentioned study to gauge the demand and supply dynamics of agricultural machinery in the state of Punjab. The objective of this market study was to measure the business potential for Toyo Agricultural Machinery, Japan (TAM) in ....Read more